Starting a Bead Business

01 Nov.,2022


bead making machine

Starting a Bead Business

: For many years, beads have been used in jewelry making. Would you like to be an entrepreneur specializing in jewelry crafts?

This business can be established with little capital and without complicated business connections or overhead costs. We can share with you tips on how to start a bead business right here.

Bead businesses are profitable nowadays. These are stores that sell jewelry made of beads and all types of bead pieces as well. You can start small and easily manage an expansion afterwards. Typically a small initial investment could take you far. Other common business expenses include supply fees, marketing fees, and legal fees.

Startup Bead Business

The expertise that you need to develop is putting together several pieces of beads to form a jewelry item such as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Here are some tips to consider in making bead jewelry:

  • Bead Shape – as a beginner in this industry, you might think that all beads are round or spherical. But as you work with beads you’ll find that there are various kinds of shapes. Round beads tend to be classic or traditional while square and rectangular beads add a modern tone to your jewelry piece.
  • Bead Size – small beads or seed beads are often more ornate or colorful compared to large bead pieces.
  • Bead Color – when describing beaded jewelry, color is more likely the most mentioned characteristic so be careful in choosing colors that would contrast or compliment each other.

Marketing Bead Business

When the time comes for you to market your beads, you must first determine your product niche. Most likely, you would have great success if you focus on various creations or unique styles made of unusual materials. If possible, develop techniques to produce mass quantities. Here are a few ways you could use in marketing bead business:

  • Create sample projects of your beads – these sample products are pieces that you can show to potential buyers in case they want to look at different designs or examples of beads.
  • Create publicity materials – these include catalogs, fliers, or business cards that feature your creations. Sure you would spend money on good photos and prints but you would double or triple your sales as well.
  • Make a website – you can photograph the items yourself and post it on your own website to have a global market. To save money, you can also include your products in famous online stores.
  • Attend craft fairs – if you’re lucky enough to find an upcoming fair, you could get a booth and sell your beads there.
  • Find local retail sellers – talk to managers or owners of jewelry stores and find out if you can lease a portion of their space to display your beads. In return, they might ask for profit share if the beads are sold.