China Customized How To Clean Graphite Crucible? Manufacturers, Suppliers

28 Oct.,2022


how to clean a graphite crucible

  The primary task of cleaning a graphite crucible is to remove the chemicals from the crucible and clean it.We need to decide what to clean based on what's left in the graphite crucible, Generally, the fixtures on the graphite crucible are the residue after inorganic combustion, which can be cleaned with hydrochloric acid. Most of them are soluble, some of the residues that contain carbon are insoluble with hydrochloric acid, so you can clean them with nitric acid,Because nitric acid has strong oxidizability,it can also be heated appropriately when cleaning.

  For substances that are still difficult to clean, boil in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid,Note that the use of hydrochloric acid must not contain nitric acid, nitrate, halogen and other oxidants.If dilute nitric acid can not be washed, then with potassium pyrosulfate, sodium carbonate or borax melt clean.

  The graphite crucible needs to be kept clean and bright inside and outside. After a long period of burning, the appearance of the crucible may be darkened. If still have blemish , it needs to use the fine sand that does not have sharp edges and corners through 100 sieve object, undertake with water embellish rub gently, make the surface restores burnish.

Did you learn it? Is it also quite simple, mainly in the use of the process to pay more attention to, and then according to my method to clean the graphite crucible on the line, do not worry too much, because this can extend the service life of the graphite crucible