Wire Mesh Filters & Replacements by Sidco Filter

29 Oct.,2022


wire mesh filter


Wire mesh filters were originally designed as oil wetted filters before dry medias were readily used. Sidco wire mesh filters are a high quality, cost efficient alternative to OEM filters. They are manufactured with layers of crimped or rolled screen, and inner and outer cores for durability. The self-sealing polyurethane end acts as a gasket against the seal plates of your filter housing.

Wire mesh filters are an effective solution for large particle removal. Particles 10µ or larger are caught on the crimped or rolled media. Oiled filters can afford to have a larger micron size because the particles stick to the media. Wire mesh filters trap less contaminants than a felt or paper filter, but improve the airflow rate, and have a higher CFM rating than a dry filter.


  • Air intake for stationary engines.
  • Compressors in closed rooms, or marine engines in low dust areas.
  • Filters visible, airborne, large particles, such as lint.