Wire Mesh Filter

29 Oct.,2022


wire mesh filter

Bottom Line: All-Metal Filters Outperform Fiberglass In Aviation Applications

The results from this testing have been impressive, and also extremely gratifying for metal filter manufacturers and suppliers like us here at Fluid Conditioning Products (FCP).

While we also produce a limited selection of disposable filter elements for various applications utilizing legacy materials such as cellulose, paper, spun polyester, and fiberglass, these are not our primary focus. We are especially proud to be known for our all-metal, corrosion-resistant wire mesh filters made from stainless steel, nickel-copper, brass, and bronze.

In both US Army testing in Blackhawk and other helicopters, and commercial airline testing in Boeing 737 jets, all-metal filters have been proven to reduce contamination in hydraulic systems and cut maintenance on a variety of other components.

It’s becoming clear that all-metal filters should be considered the standard in the aerospace and defense industries going forward. Today’s blog post highlights three big outcomes from testing of all-metal filters that prove this assertion.