Decorative Wire Mesh is Hot in Modern Home Designs

15 Mar.,2023


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When the Dutch Design firm Demakersvan unrolled a creative wire fence for use in homes and yards, it put decorative wire mesh in the spotlight. Designed by Joep Verhoeven, the fence balanced industrial elements with delicate lace-like designs of flowers and leaves. In Newsweek, Verhoeven once called the creation “a chain-link fence, with a surprise added.”

Demakersvan is one of many companies that have harnessed both the practicality and myriad design options of decorative metal mesh. Over the past decade, using wire mesh in interior design has become one of the coolest new trends. Articles in many publications, including the Washington Post and architectural style leader Archiscene, have celebrated the material, previously sidelined for industrial use, as an innovative and intriguing way to decorate.

Why Wire Mesh Is Perfect for Interior Designers

Homes used to reserve metal mesh for utilitarian uses such as window screens and vents. However, as technology progressed, the material has become much more versatile. For example, decorative wire mesh can provide ceilings with sound insulation. Available in a range of metals, weaves, and patterns, it can adorn walls with an artistic touch and transform furniture, lighting, and other design elements. More interior designers are gravitating toward decorative metal mesh for a number of reasons.


Decorative wire mesh can bring any project vision alive. Designers have a world of material choices to create their favorite looks; including, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel. In modern homes, stainless steel is often a perfect choice. It can be used to create an industrial look when incorporated into stair railing or add a softer modern touch to lighting features.


A wide variety of material choices allow designers to capture their clients’ aesthetics. Depending on the finish, it can bring a vintage or modern feel to a space.

Mesh can be used as a cost-effective material to create unique sculptures in modern homes. Even a partition wall can become an art piece.

United States-based interior designer Noel Pugh loves using wire mesh in her design.

"I use it to achieve privacy as a divider but it simultaneously allows for sneaking a peak at the world behind it with the apt use of lighting," she tells the Huffington Post. "I can't think of another material that does this better."


Decorative wire mesh is easy to maintain. It doesn't fray or fade like fabric and doesn't need to be dry-cleaned. Often, all you need is a vacuum. On tables, mesh can provide a delicately decorative touch that is also scratch-resistant as well as strong enough to hold a heavier centerpiece.

Creative Demakersman’s creative wire fence mentioned at the beginning of this article can even withstand hurricanes, meaning it’s impermeable to everyday household wear-and-tear.

Interior designers will likely continue to find innovative ways to incorporate decorative wire mesh into their spaces. If you have a few ideas of your own, we’re here to help! TWP Inc. has been a leader in the wire mesh industry for decades. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products and laser-cutting services.

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