How to Improve the Mechanical Properties of Gray Cast Iron Castings

17 Feb.,2023


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In actual casting production, the vast majority of gray cast iron is hypoeutectic. Therefore, in order to improve its tensile strength, the following points should be done as much as possible:

1) Guarantee the gray cast iron has more and more developed primary austenite dendrites during solidification
2) Reduce the amount of eutectic graphite and make it evenly distributed with fine A-type graphite
3) Increase the number of eutectic clusters
4) During the austenite eutectoid transformation, all transform into a fine pearlite matrix

In the actual production of gray cast iron castings, we often use the following measures to achieve the above results:
1) Choose reasonable chemical composition
2) Change the composition of the charge
3) Overheated molten iron
4) Inoculation treatment
5) Trace or low alloying
6) Heat treatment
7) Increase the cooling rate during eutectoid transformation

The specific measures to be taken depend on the type of gray cast iron castings, the required properties and the specific production conditions. However, it is often necessary to take two or more measures to achieve the desired performance of cast iron.


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