Double Skin 358 Mesh vs Single Skin 358 Mesh

23 Nov.,2022


358 welded wire mesh fence

There are many types of mesh security fencing panels available, all with different features and properties, and which suit various applications and levels of security. Features and benefits between some mesh panels are highly distinct, while some are less obvious, so it helps to have an understanding of what each panel offers to avoid over-specifying. Here, we compare standard 358 mesh panels and double skin 358 mesh panels and explain the benefits and applications for each type.

Standard 358 mesh security fencing panels

Standard 358 mesh fencing is commonly referred to as “prison mesh”, although the product name at Jacksons Fencing is Securi-Mesh®.

Securi-Mesh® consists of a single layer of close-knit mesh, with small apertures and welds at each section. This prevents objects being passed through the mesh and also offers good climb resistance, as it makes it difficult to get a handhold or footing on the panel. While there are tools which can be used to assist with climbing this type of mesh, it is effective against the use of conventional hand-cutting tools. This is enhanced by the overlapping panel design at the post which, along with clamp bars and tamper-proof bolts, holds the panel secure to stop it being levered away. Securi-Mesh® panels are Galfan zinc alloy coated, providing superior resistance to rust and corrosion, and can also be polyester powder coated in a range of colours.

Securi-Mesh® has a discreet appearance with good visibility through the mesh, meaning it works well with CCTV and can be configured for additional security features, such as extending the posts to add security toppings. An LPS 1175 A1-rated version of this panel is also available.

The flexibility of Securi-Mesh® and the medium-to-high security it offers make it suitable for a wide range of applications such as higher risk schools, data centres, utilities, leisure facilities, stadiums, retail, and prisons. Standard 358 mesh fencing is available in heights from 1270mm to 5210mm and can also be configured to meet Home Office specifications.

Double skin 358 mesh

Double skin 358 mesh is known at Jacksons as Securi-Mesh® Plus. It consists of two layers of close-knit mesh, staggered to create smaller apertures which are then secured together with tamper-proof bolts and clamp bars. As with the standard panels, this prevents even smaller objects from being passed through, and makes Securi-Mesh® Plus harder to climb, with our without climbing devices.

With two layers of mesh, Securi-Mesh® Plus offers additional resistance to the use of both hand cutting tools and power cutting tools and its durability and strength means it doesn't only delay an intruder for longer but it also exceeds Home Office specifications for use in prisons.

Securi-Mesh® Plus is well suited to any site which demands a close mesh design to meet specifications, for example high security perimeters, data centres, high risk utilities, telecoms sites, ports and border control, and areas with a risk of climbing (e.g. sites next to potential climbing aids such as lampposts).

As with the standard 358 mesh, Securi-Mesh® Plus can be adapted and customised to the site with polyester powder coating in a wide range of colours, strengthened with premium Galfan zinc alloy coating. There is also an LPS 1175 B3-rated version available. Securi-Mesh® Plus is available in heights ranging from 1270mm to 5200mm (double clad up to 2512mm, single clad over 2512mm).

With over 70 years’ experience, we deliver high-quality and highly secure fencing, all with a 25-year guarantee. If you would like further guidance on the choice of security fencing for your premises, then get in touch. One of our advisors will be happy to help.