Gabion Baskets & Reno® Mattresses

29 Nov.,2022


gabion box

Gabion & Reno® Mattress Fasteners

Lacing wire is included with each gabion or Reno® Mattress shipped. The wire is laced through the corners of the gabions for assembly and installation. As a replacement to this labor intensive method, GSI offers a variety of alternative fasteners. Overlapping fasteners similar to hog rings are our most popular. Installed with a pneumatic gun that is available for rental from GSI, assembly of a basket is completed in a mere fraction of the time as compared to lacing. Tiger Tite® Interlocking Fasteners, also major time savers, are locking clips that are easily secured with a pair of Tiger Tite® Hand Pliers, eliminating the need for air compressors. Tiger Tite® Hand Pliers are inexpensive and can be purchased or rented from GSI, making it easy to have a number of workers assembling baskets at the same time. Tiger Tite® Interlocking Fasteners are available with a galvanized coating for galvanized coated gabions or stainless steel for PVC coated gabions.