Difference Between Gabion Box and Reno Mattress

29 Nov.,2022


gabion box

Gabion box is a kind of metal cage with uniformly partitioned into internal cells to jointed to form square, rectangular or trapezoidal shaped units. Each module has to be connected to adjacent modules to form a monolithic structure which is filled on site with stones and stacked on another.
The stone fill allows water to flow through the structure while retaining the soil providing the necessary relief from hydrostatic pressure. As the wire surface is treated by galvanized, PVC coated and Galfan coated. It made gabion baskets have feature of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti- weather, eventhough the sunlight rain and other harsh environments.

According to different usage, the gabions can be made into gabion box, gabion mattresss, sack gabion, they have the same materials, just difference is the height. The gabion box is a square or rectangle shape cage. The normal height of the 0.5m-1m for gabion wall. But gabion mattress is a mattress shaped container with height 0.15-0.5m at most, their height is more suitable for canals and dams, slopes, slopes and equip the base of hydraulic structures. gabion mattress could repeat the shape of the terrain of the site easily.

Sack gabion is a cylindrical type gabion basket. It is galvanized surface or PVC plastic surface. It is also mainly used for river banks, scour protction for bridege piers, etc river control and various emergency works.

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