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27 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the graphite petroleum coke industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Supplier From Rio Rancho, NM, United States

Quantity: Minimum 50,000 MT up to 2,000,000 per month. Term: Minimum 12 months up to 5 years. Origin Russian Over Pricing to End Buyer is NOT ALLOWED by the Supplier. (Don't even try will fail) "Buyer" must be the actual check writer. Brokers: LOI and SPECS on Buyer letterhead (not broker) will only be accepted. Brokers will be protected and fee agreement arranged before introduction. PROCEDURES 1. Buyer issues official LOI/ICPO with seller working commercial procedure. 2. Seller issues an official draft contract to the Buyer for review and endorsement along with the NCNDA/IMFPA document and the following; - Statement Availability of the Product. - Product Passport (Dip test result). 3. Buyer signs and returns back to Seller, Seller proceeds to legalize the signed Contract with the monopoly company appointed by the chamber of commerce Russian Federation. 4. Seller sends to the buyer the scanned copy of the registered/legalized copy of the sales and purchases agreement contract document along with the following documents. - Certificate of Origin. - Commitment to Supply - Authority to Sell, (ATS) 5. Seller and buyer proceed to endorse the Charter Party Agreement (CPA) document with the Shipping Company and both bear the charges for the shipment. 6. Seller issues the following Proof of Product documents along with assurance delivery letter: - Copy of approval to export - Attestation of Allocation. - Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate. - Bill Of Lading and Vessel's Q88. - DTA and ATV 7. Buyer responds by issuing Irrevocable Non-Transferable Letter of Credit (MT760) SBLC or Letter of Credit (LC). 8. Shipment will commence within 7 days upon receiving Payment Guarantee from the Buyer's bank and upon arrival of the cargo at the discharge port, payment will be made for the product to seller's bank via T/T Wire transfer after CIQ /SGS Inspection at the discharge port. 9. Upon the first shipment delivery and receipt of payment, Buyer's bank will issue an RDLC which will be revolving for 47 months to the Seller's bank and payments will be made at sight against CIQ/SGS inspection at the discharge. We observe regulations and standards of intal chamber of commerce; and acknowledge right of subsidiaries and associates.

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