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20 Oct.,2022


Grade 9 Titanium

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  Titanium Clad Steel Plates    


ASTM B898 or Discussion



Cladding: Titanium and Titanium alloy

Backer: Common carbon plate, vessel steel sheet,

alloy steel sheet, steel forged piece


Fields of Application:

Industries such as metallurgy, energy, chemical industry, sports goods, etc.

SB265 Gr.2/SA516 Gr.70
1.2/14 x 2000 x 8000mm

SB265 Gr.2/SA516 Gr.70
5/35 x 3250 x 4400mm

SB265 Gr.17/ SA516 Gr.70
8/120 x 2330 x 5600mm




SB265 Gr.1/SA516 Gr.70
5/42 x 3835 x 5830mm

SB265 Gr.1/SA516 Gr.70
3/48 x 3020 x 4615mm

SB265 Gr.1 /SA516 Gr.70
3/45 x 3250 x 5400mm


SB265 Gr.17/ SA516 Gr.70
8/118 x 2650 x 6500mm