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05 Jan.,2023


Brass Filter Screen Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is an extremely versatile material suitable for many sieving, straining and filtering applications. At Wire Cloth Sales, stainless steel is the most popular woven wire mesh where strength and durability are of prime importance. Woven Wire Mesh is described by a form of weave and mesh count. The minimum particle size of wire which can be used depends on the alloy, strength required, temperature and corrosion.

How is a woven wire mesh made?
Woven wire mesh is made as a cloth with wire threads woven at right angles. Woven wire mesh can be manufactured at Wire Cloth Sales, in an almost endless range of configurations, with a choice of wire diameter, opening size and metal materials, including stainless steel and brass. Woven Wire mesh can be supplied in a number of different ways:

  • On the roll
  • ‘As cut’ from the roll
  • Pre-cut to size in pieces, discs or strips
  • Formed into shapes, welded, edged or finished to specification by our specialist team

What is it used for?
Woven wire mesh is an extremely flexible and malleable material. An enormous range of specifications can be achieved by varying the wire diameter, metal and aperture. At Wire Cloth Sales, we offer a variety of wire mesh products designed to cater to conventional industrial processes and regularly work with customers to develop custom solutions to meet their unique requirements. Specifications range from the most delicate sheer gauze fabric to heavy-duty rigid screens and this versatility means that wire mesh can be used for a vast range of applications.

Uses across industries
As well as many uses within the domestic environment, woven wire mesh is commonly used for a myriad of industrial filtration, sieving, shielding, sifting, screening, sorting and separation process. It is widely used within the oil and gas industry plus pharmaceuticals, recycling, automotive and electronics, to name a few. The sheer range of fabrications means it’s also adaptable for architectural and artistic uses. Woven wire mesh has a seemingly infinite range of applications. In the domestic environment, it is used in many applications, for example, tea strainers, flour sieves, coffee filters, fireguards and fly screens. It is incorporated into many domestic appliances, in filters for motor cars, and is used in the manufacturing processes for floor coverings, chipboard, hardboard and other building materials.

In the industrial environment, it has countless applications. As a precision woven product, the ability to maintain the accuracy of aperture size offers enormous scope for the use of wire mesh as a filtration and screening medium for a variety of particle/fluid/gas separation cleaning and sizing applications. Wire mesh has wide-ranging characteristics, and dependant on the configuration of wire thickness in relation to aperture size can vary in texture from being as fine, soft and flexible to be rigid and durable.

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