What Is 358 Mesh Fence?

23 Nov.,2022


358 welded wire mesh fence

Application of 358 Mesh

358 mesh, is a welded stainless steel wire mesh panel also known as anti-climbing mesh and security mesh. 358 mesh fence, also called a high-security fence, 358 fences, anti-climbing fence, or anti-cutting fence is made from a type of strong welded mesh panel with extra small mesh opening.

358 anti-climb fence, commonly known as "prison fence", is a high security, anti-climb, anti-cutting electric welded wire fence. The galvanized wire is usually welded to a fence panel with very thin openings that cannot be penetrated by the fingers of a hand or cut by a wire cutter. It is therefore highly recommended for areas where a high level of security is required and for private living areas.

 "358" refers to 3" × 0.5" opening size and 8 gauge wire diameter, which equates to 76.2 mm × 12.7 mm opening size and 4 mm wire diameter. 358 mesh is a solution for preventing unauthorized access as the rectangular spacing of the horizontal and vertical wires make it unclimbable- yet they allow visibility.

 358 Fence

Applications of 358 Mesh

Applications for the use of 358 mesh as high-security fencing include airports, rail corridors, sub substations, power plants, and commercial and industrial sites. 358 mesh is also commonly used for factory machine guards, balustrade infills, and on bridges as anti-climb fencing.


358 fence is designed as an anti-climbing and anti-cutting barrier with good weldability. It is therefore characterized by security and durability. It is very suitable for electronic alarm and detection systems, prisons, fencing of military sites and airports, industrial and commercial properties, warehouses, power plants, offshore petrochemical facilities, harbor perimeters, laboratories, secure hospitals, schools, and parks, recreational and entertainment areas.


358 mesh fence will provide them with durable and secure perimeter protection and an attractive appearance. The 3.60 m high fence is generally used in schools, parks, and recreational areas. 5.20 m height fences are widely used in prisons and military installations. Alternatively, if 358 mesh fencing is added to barbed wire, wire mesh, and rota spikes, it provides a higher level of security.

 358 Fence

Benefits of 358 Mesh

Anti-climbing. Smaller opening. Therefore, human fingers and toes cannot pass through.

Cut-proof. The strong wires and soldered joints make it difficult for wire cutters and breakers to cut.

Versatility. Many different applications such as schools, parks, leisure, and recreational areas.

Durability. 358 mesh fence, made from high-quality steel wire and then galvanized or polymer powder-coated, ensures long life.

Each intersection is welded with high strength.

The mesh fence is configured to provide maximum visibility, especially in emergencies and where electronic detection systems require its use.

Can be stepped on to accommodate sloping ground.

Clamp bar fixings.

Custom designs available.



Determine how high your fence is. If the fence is 4 feet, the steel posts need to be 6 feet. These posts need to be at least 2 feet taller than your fence. To install your fence, use the metal tails to secure the wires to the top, middle, and bottom posts. Once you have secured the mesh panels, secure the next one. You should put two mesh panels together. Then cover the posts with plastic caps to improve their corrosion resistance. It is particularly important to note that when installing a 358 mesh fence, the two panels should be overlapped by 75mm or by one opening distance to maintain the integrity of the protection.


The mesh is 316-grade stainless steel, ideal for highly corrosive environments, and you'll have a fence that will last! If you want to get more information about the best 358 fences, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.