Virginia Administrative Code, Article 6, Section 6VAC15-81-1120 - Fencing

19 May.,2023


A. Two levels of security fencing are as follows:

a. Two fences at least 12 feet in height and at least 10 feet apart.

b. Fence fabric shall be at least nine-gage, 2-1/2-inch mesh maximum opening, galvanized steel interwoven wire.

c. Razor wire shall be provided and installed per manufacturer recommendations on the top of both fences in the vee arms or on the outrigger arm on the inmate side at the top.

d. A third row of razor wire shall be located between the fences on the inmate side, adjacent to the outside fence.

e. All razor wire shall be a minimum of 24/30 inch double helix coil constructed of 100 percent 100% stainless steel.

1. Inmate containment fencing designed for outdoor recreation areas outside the secure perimeter shall consist of:

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