Vinyl Coated Hardware Cloth Is Best

07 Nov.,2022


Black Wire Cloth

Galvanized After is Excellent, but...

Did you know that hardware cloth is available with a vinyl-coated finish? Many people think that these wire cloth meshes are only available with a galvanized after finish.

Firmly Bonded, Long-Lasting

Both ½" x ½" welded mesh with a 19 gauge "core" wire and ¼" x ¼" welded mesh with a 23 gauge "core" wire are available with a black vinyl coating. The coating is firmly bonded to the wire. The vinyl will not crack or split when the wire is bent. 100' rolls are available in 24", 36" and 48" widths.

If you need to use hardware wire cloth for your next project, consider the advantages of using a mesh that is black vinyl coated:

  • durable

  • longest lifetime

  • easy to work with

  • excellent for underground gopher barriers

  • double protection of galvanizing and vinyl coating resists rust and corrosion

  • attractive - black color blends with background, becoming virtually invisible