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23 Feb.,2023


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Water used in the shower can account for up to 20% of your home’s total usage. So, when you’re shaving or washing your hair, those little droplets are really adding up! Most people may not be aware that today there are shower faucets with technology to help you save water. How? By having a thermostatic shower valve that shuts off the water once it reaches a certain temperature. If you are worried about safety, these provide you peace of mind because they ensure the temperature doesn’t get too high, which is key to avoiding burns.

How a Thermostatic Shower Valve Works

A thermostatic shower valve is a specialized type of valve that is designed to regulate the temperature of water in a shower. This type of valve is becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly way to save water. Here’s how it works: 

It has two main components – a mixing chamber and a temperature sensor. The mixing chamber is where the cold and hot water meet before going into the shower head. The temperature sensor is located in the mixing chamber and monitors the water temperature. 

When you turn on the shower, the cold and hot water flow into the mixing chamber and are mixed together. The temperature sensor then kicks in and adjusts the flow of cold and hot water accordingly to maintain a consistent water temperature. This prevents wasted water from running too hot or too cold, which can save significant amounts of water over time.

Lots of Energy in Hot Water

Water heating accounts for about 18% of the average home’s energy use. By using these valves, you’ll be using less hot water, less energy overall, and that will lower your utility bills. In fact, some estimates show that you can save up to $100 per year on your energy bills by making this switch! 

Ideally, it would be best if you were taking short showers of five to ten minutes at a time. Using one of our shower valve choices will enable you to efficiently heat the perfect amount of water for that sort of length of time. Less water means less energy and no more waiting around for the water to get hot or to cool down!

Benefits of a Thermostatic Shower Valve

1. Savings. It is designed to automatically shut the water off when it reaches the desired temperature. This means that you won’t have any water wasted by leaving the shower running too long. These shower valves also help you save energy because they maintain a consistent water temperature. This means that you won’t have to waste energy by constantly adjusting the temperature of your shower.

2. You can stay comfortable. The consistent water temperature provided by a thermostatic shower valve will help ensure that you don’t experience any sudden temperature changes that could ruin your relaxation time.

3. You can avoid scalding yourself. One of the most dangerous things about showers is the risk of scalding yourself with too-hot water. With a temperature regulating valve, you can avoid this danger.

Safety Protection

The temperature regulation of your shower leads to safety and energy efficiency. This means that you won’t have to worry about scalding yourself or wasting water by accidentally letting the water run too hot or cold.

These showerhead valves often come with a safety stop feature. This means that if the water gets too hot, the valve will automatically shut off, helping to prevent accidents or injuries.



As the world becomes more and more aware of its impact on the environment, eco-friendly technology is becoming a hot commodity. Thermostatic shower valves are one such product that is not only good for the environment but also saves you money on your water bill and has the additional benefit of safety precautions. If you are looking to save water and help the planet, these shower valves are definitely worth checking out.

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