The proper installation of wire mesh and barbed wire

15 Dec.,2022


installing welded wire fence

Barbed wire fence installation method. There are a lot of kinds.Such as: above the high brick wall or concrete to pull a few thorn rope; Moreover is pulled over the wire mesh fence several thorn rope; Or is in with barbed wire installed directly into a barbed wire fence.

First introduce the barbed wire and wire mesh below the reasonable collocation of installation: Barbed wire can be installed and flowers together.Are generally use guardrail post installation.Generally high quality frame type wire mesh fence installation.And hook wire mesh fence to shorter than guardrail post a piece) in the frame type hook flower guardrail net installed on a fence post.

Barbed wire can be installed into with welded wire mesh fence netting installed and hook wire mesh fence as first good welded wire mesh fence to install barbed wire in above.

And barbed wire can be crimped wire mesh and a longitudinal welded mesh longitudinal steel mesh) mesh, screen installed together.Is below the other installed screen above) with barbed wire) because other mesh aperture is small) is more intensive longitudinal son barbed wire takes a lot of space above other screen collision effect is good) and a longitudinal install barbed wire because of its protective effect is good.To deter thieves) expect.

In green belts alone commonly used barbed wire installed into a fence made just for the sake of preventing pedestrians don't trample on the grass.Or climb over here.

Whether it's actually installed and other wire mesh) or separate into a fence made by each have advantages and disadvantages. In short install barbed wire fence or slow razor wire) is a widely recognized the best choice.

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