Southwest Galvanizing

16 Nov.,2022


Zinc temperature of galvanizing pot

The process Hot Dip Galvanizing dates back to the 1800s, where it was introduced in the production of steel. Known as the process of applying a zinc coating to fabricated iron or steel, Hot Dip Galvanizing provides corrosion protection with a proven track record. Just like the name implies, Hot “DIP,” the process consists of immersing a material in a bath made up of 99.8% of molten zinc. The Hot Dip Galvanizing process is considered a factory-controlled metallurgical combination of zinc and steel, providing superior corrosion protection in a wide variety of environments. It also offers cathodic protection where the zinc sacrifices itself to protect the base steel. Hot Dip Galvanizing can be found in almost every industry where steel is being used because of its proven history of industrial success as a method of corrosion protection in countless applications. Call us today.