Range of Applications of Welded Wire Mesh in infrastructure

19 Apr.,2023


Welded Wire Mesh is a versatile product that has gained enormous ground in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, because in addition to being easy to install and manipulate, it provides great resistance, support and strength to concrete structures.

Unlike other much more traditional systems, Welded Wire Mesh is very easy to use, manipulate and store, and its placement is very simple, so in addition to time, it helps saving labor.

What is Welded Wire Mesh?

Welded Wire Mesh manufactured by means of a hard drawn process, which consists of rolling or cold-stretching the steel wire rod so that its diameter is reduced and its structure modified. This way, a wire with the qualities and characteristics required by safety and quality standards is obtained. 

Welded Wire Mesh is made up of carbon steel wires placed transversely and longitudinally to form a grid of squares with specific intervals (they can be equal XX grids, or different width and length XY grids), joined by means of arc welding to form a mesh.

One of the main practical advantages of Wire Mesh is that its use helps concrete staying firmly in place, as it provides an internal structure for greater strength, preventing concrete from cracking or eroding.

How is Wire Mesh used in infrastructure?

Here are some examples of different ways in which Wire Mesh is used in structures.

Concrete Structures

The use of Welded Wire Mesh as reinforcement increases resistance in concrete structures and structural elements such as slabs, walls, load-bearing walls, ceiling slabs, columns, mezzanines, deck slabs or bridges.

In construction processes, it is also used in pipes, channels, retaining walls, hydraulic structures, landfills, swimming pools and silos.

Urban Structures

Welded Steel Wire Mesh also meets a wide number of urban and suburban applications, providing resistance and strength to functional or merely aesthetic concrete structures.

This mesh can be applied on streets, pavements, highways, sidewalks, other urban spaces such as outdoors or indoors parking lots, as well as trails, bike paths, running tracks or on slabs for sports spaces such as courts.

Furthermore, it can be used in the construction of enclosures in general, educational centers, parks, gardens, as well as for protection of machinery, storage areas, homes, children’s areas and industrial parks.


The telecommunications and transportation sector can also take advantage of the benefits of Wire Mesh, as it can be used in the construction of vehicular or pedestrian bridges, as well as on landing strips or platforms at airports.

Welded Wire Mesh, a material with greatly growing applications

Every day, different industries or construction sectors integrate Welded Wire Mesh for concrete reinforcement into their projects, as well as for providing support and strength to structures such as basements, tunnels, vaults and even silos.

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