"Cheap as chips".....homemade crucibles.....the story so far....

17 Nov.,2022


graphite crucibles for sale

graphite block for sale

high pressure crucibles

A few years ago I considered making my own crucibles and found this fella.

It's a bit technical and a heck of a mess but quite few views. I decided I had enough other things to build and was better off buying the crucible(s). I just paid $77 delivered to my door for a new Morgan Salamander Super A10. I had somewhere between 100-150 heats on mine before I broke it. No telling how many heats I might have been able to achieve, but aluminum duty is a fairly easy life for such a crucible. That's ~50c-77cents/melt. As the crucible size increases, I'd probably become less inclined to make them.

You on the other hand are doing so with success and I say all the power to you. It's probably pretty hard to say how thermally conductive they are and how melt times would compare to a commercial crucible but as long as you are satisfied with the results......that's what counts.

Keep posting !


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