Problems that may be encountered during the installation and construction of wel

15 Dec.,2022


installing welded wire fence

Problems that may be encountered during the installation and construction of wel

Welded wire mesh can be applied to both sides of the road and can be used on buildings on bridges. It can also be used on the construction site as a building wall or a protective net. The wall in the prison and so on.

Installation method of welded wire mesh: used for municipal fence nets, garden flower beds, unit green spaces, roads, airports, port green space fences,

Railway closed network, highway closed network, field fence, community fence, various stadiums, industrial and mining schools isolation and protection.

Several problems should be paid attention to when installing the welded wire mesh:

1. When installing the welded wire mesh, it is necessary to accurately grasp the information of various facilities, especially the exact location of various pipes buried in the roadbed.

No damage to the underground facilities is allowed during the construction process.

2. When the column of the welded wire mesh is too deep, the column shall not be pulled out for correction. The foundation shall be re-compacted before being driven in, or the position of the column shall be adjusted.

Pay attention to controlling the hammering force when approaching the depth during construction.

3. If installing the flange on the bridge of the expressway, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the control of the elevation of the top surface of the column.

4. If the welded wire mesh is used as a collision barrier, the appearance quality of the product depends on the construction process, and construction preparation should be emphasized.

The combination of the pile driver continuously summarizes the experience, strengthens the construction management, and ensures the installation quality of the barrier.

The welded wire mesh to be installed needs to be carefully thinned, otherwise it cannot be used for its own purposes. Affect its use of features. In addition to this, when we buy, pay attention to the price, etc., you can consider the brand manufacturer. Or the production technology is sufficient.


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