Preparation of lightweight ceramsite from remediated soil, waste glass and ceramics

17 Apr.,2023


Lightweight ceramsite is the core material for building to achieve energy-saving and low-carbon operation. The disposal of remediated soil by Cr (VI) -contaminated, waste glass and ceramics after remediation has always been a major problem in the environmental field. Herein, it analyzed the composition and sintering process of the above three solid wastes, after studying the component preparation and firing process, lightweight ceramsites with bulk density and grain density of 626.79 kg/m3 and 1142.56 kg/m3, respectively, were successfully prepared, and the leaching concentration of Cr (VI) was controlled at a low concentration level below 0.06 mg/L. Compared with the conventional ceramsite preparation technology, the method of firing ceramsite by the remediated soil, waste glass and ceramics can effect eliminate the environmental risk of solid waste and effectively reduce the consumption of clay and other resources, which has the technical advantages of safety, reliability, green and low carbon.

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