Pre-Paint steel

15 Nov.,2022


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Painted steel is used in many market applications including, cladding & roofing, residential & garage doors, ceiling grid systems, containers and major appliances.

Pre-painted steel is a steel coil painted before forming using the coil coating process. Coil coating is a continuous and highly automated process for coating metal in coil form before fabrication. In one continuous process at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s paint facility Baycoat, a steel coil up to 60 inches wide and at up to 480 feet per minute, is unwound, and both the top and bottom sides are cleaned, chemically treated, primed, oven cured, top coated, oven cured again, rewound and packaged for shipment. 

The pre-painted steel product is composed of a steel substrate - cold rolled or zinc-based metallic coated - with a surface treatment layer, a paint primer coating and a paint finish topcoat. A wide range of paint systems that can be subjected to a wide variety of forming processes without damage or loss of adhesion are used to provide high durability, forming properties and unique aesthetic characteristics.  

Advantages of pre-painted steels: 

  • No paint shop at the customer facility 
  • Quality of its aesthetic features 
  • Long term durability (weathering and corrosion resistance)