Nickel Wire Mesh Article

06 Jan.,2023


Epoxy Coated Mesh

Nickel Wire Mesh

Nickel wire mesh, It means the metal mesh products made of high purity nickel material (nickel wire, nickel plate, nickel foil...) with the nickel content of 99.5% or more.

According to the production process, the products are divided into the following types:

A.Nickel wire woven mesh: metal mesh woven by nickel wire (warp and weft);

B.Nickel wire knitted mesh: knit mesh woven by nickel wire (hook knitting);

C.Nickel stretching mesh: rhombus mesh by stamping and stretching from nickel plate, nickel foil.

D.Nickel punching mesh: Various hole shapes metal mesh through stamping from nickel plate, nickel foil;

Main Materials: N4, N6; N02200

Executive standard: GB/T 5235; ASTM B162

The main nickel content of N6 material is more than 99.5%. The nickel wire mesh used in N4 material can be completely replaced by the nickel wire mesh made of N6 material; N6 material which meets the requirements of GB/T 5235 can also replace N02200 material which meets the requirements of ASTM B162.

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