How to Install the Welded Fence Correctly?

15 Dec.,2022


installing welded wire fence

As a Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence Manufacturer, today I will mainly introduce the installation of assembled casing welded fence:

1. Fix the column of the welded fence first. The installation method of the column includes the chassis, the embedded one, and the embedded concrete needs to be poured on-site. The installation method of the chassis requires the ground to be hardened and the hardening thickness should be 10-15cm. For installation without hardening The situation on the site needs to be based.

2. The next step is the casing. The upper and lower ends of the column are welded with a casing of about 15cm to insert the horizontal pipe. After inserting the upper horizontal tube, the frame of the welded fence net is formed.

3. The next step is to install the fence. First, flatten the fence, and then insert the steel rods to form a square fence.

4. Hanging the net, it requires several people to hang the net at the same time, because the size of the welded fence is generally relatively large, and one person does not hang the net. The clamps on the frame clamp the steel bars and then install the screws. Just follow the steps above and install the welded fence in turn.

Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence


Pay attention to the order of installation and complete one by one. When the column is installed, the installation in groups is to hang a fence according to a group of columns, and so on. The last is to install this way, so the effect of the installation is good.

Product structure features of integral welded fence:

1. Integral welding, the welded fence net is woven with galvanized wire, then welded to the frame, and the frame is treated with high-efficiency hot dip plastic or electrostatic spraying. This style, the welded fence net and the frame has no color difference, and the effect Best, the appearance is more beautiful.

2. Assemble as a whole, the frame of the welded fence is first treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The welded fence is woven with plastic-coated wire, and then the welded fence is fixed and connected to the frame to form a whole. This style has low cost and the welded fence is slightly a little color difference, but not obvious, strong protection.

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