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28 Oct.,2022


how to clean a graphite crucible

How to clean the graphite crucible?

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The primary work of graphite crucible cleaning is to clean out the chemical substances in the crucible, and then clean it. We need to decide what to clean according to the residual substances in the graphite crucible. Generally, the attachment on the graphite crucible is the residue after inorganic combustion. We can use hydrochloric acid to clean it, most of which can be dissolved. Some residues containing carbon cannot be dissolved by hydrochloric acid, so nitric acid can be used for cleaning, because nitric acid has strong oxidation, and it can be heated properly during cleaning.


For those substances that are still difficult to clean, they can be boiled in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid. Note that the hydrochloric acid used shall not contain nitric acid, nitrate, halogen and other oxidants. If dilute nitric acid cannot be cleaned, potassium pyrosulfate, sodium carbonate or borax can be used for melting cleaning.


Graphite crucible needs to be kept clean and bright inside and outside. After long-term burning, the surface of the crucible may be dim and dull. As time goes on, it will go deep into the inside, causing the crucible to break easily. Therefore, the unclean substances must be removed. If there are still stains or surface blackening, use 100 mesh fine sand without sharp edges and corners, moisten it with water and rub it gently to restore the luster of the surface.


Did you learn that? It's very simple. We should pay more attention to it in the process of use, and then clean the graphite crucible according to the method provided by us, because this can prolong the service life of graphite crucible.