How To Clean a Graphite Crucible

28 Oct.,2022


Although the graphite crucible has the characteristics of large bulk density, high-temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature strength, and high oxidation resistance, for the refining of individual raw materials, the cleaning work after the crucible is very troublesome. Graphite Crucible supplier shares with you.

The main work of cleaning the graphite crucible is to clean out the chemicals in the crucible and then clean it. We need to decide what to clean according to the residual material in the graphite crucible. Generally, the attachments on the graphite crucible are inorganic After combustion, we can use hydrochloric acid to clean up. Most of them can be dissolved. Some residues containing carbon components cannot be dissolved with hydrochloric acid. At this time, nitric acid can be used for cleaning because nitric acid has strong oxidizing properties. , Can also be properly heated during cleaning.

For those materials that are still difficult to clean, you can boil in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid. Note that the hydrochloric acid used must not contain nitric acid, nitrates, halogens, etc. to oxidants. If the dilute nitric acid cannot be washed, use potassium pyrosulfate, sodium carbonate or borax to melt and clean.

The graphite crucible needs to be kept clean, and the inside and outside should be bright. After long-term burning, the appearance of the crucible may be dull, and the crucible will penetrate into the inside and cause the crucible to be fragile and broken. Therefore, unclean substances must be removed. If there are still stains or blackening on the surface, use passing 100 mesh without sharp edges of fine sand and rub it gently with water to make the surface return to gloss.

Inspection work of graphite crucible before use:

1. First, check the graphite crucible for cracks before working. If there is no crack, heat the graphite crucible to above 600 °C and dry it thoroughly.

2. There should be no stagnant water around the furnace and in the pit in front of the furnace, and irrelevant items should not be stacked near the graphite crucible.

3. Strictly check the furnace charge for explosives. The furnace charge must be preheated and dried, and the graphite crucible is added slowly.

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