Graphite crucibles protection with high purity nitrogen for molten metals – MVS Engineering

28 Oct.,2022


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TERMINATOR, more specifically #T1000 – the form changing android!!! That’s what comes to mind when you hear – Molten Metal.

We, at MVS, wonder whether there may be other challenges that Molten Metal process has to deal with – other than fluidly morphing into variety of forms to annihilate T-800 Model 101 that is.

Well… there are. Specifically – oxidation of the metal or the crucible in which the molten metal is poured into. To avoid oxidation, the furnaces where the melting process takes place, have to be kept under a high purity #nitrogen atmosphere continuously.

Below are some excellent pics of our state of the art 99.999% purity Nitrogen gas system recently commissioned in the lovely locales of Morocco?

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