Fence installation precautions?

15 Dec.,2022


installing welded wire fence

Guardrails are widely used in our lives. In short, the main function of guardrails is to play a safety role. There are guardrails on balconies, bridges, stadiums, etc. Therefore, the application of guardrails is very extensive, then, let us divide the precautions for the installation of guardrails for everyone.

First, the construction site should be treated at the base level. Because of the position where the railings and columns are installed, the base concrete should not be loose, and the installation elevation should meet the design requirements. , Do not use cement mortar for repair, use high-strength concrete for repair, and wait for a certain strength before installing the railing. Secondly, fix the surface tube accurately, determine the position of the surface tube installation card according to the height of the drawing, draw the line and punch the expansion screw, fix the surface tube to the wall, and then pull the nail to fix the surface tube.

Finally, when installing the column, first lay out the line at the construction base, determine the position of the column fixing point, then drill the hole with the impact drill, and then install the expansion screw. It stays vertical and doesn't wobble while tightening the screws, while another person tightens the screws around.

The above is the relevant content of the precautions for the installation of the fence net for everyone. In addition, when installing the fence net, we must pay attention to the personal safety of the construction personnel, so as to avoid danger and cause unnecessary trouble.