Erlanger Children’s Hospital

06 May.,2023


The Smart Furniture Design team had the honor of furnishing the conference room of the newly renovated Erlanger Children’s Hospital. This dedicated space holds great significance for the Erlanger community as future plans of expansion take place for the hospital. 

To pay homage to the railroads that once blanketed the region and the vintage train that greets those who enter the facility, a custom railroad-themed table designed by local sculptor Isaac Duncan III, acts as the focal point of the room. The table features a glass top and a base made from varying salvaged train and railroad parts. As past, present, and future donors meet to discuss and plan the future of Erlanger, the table will act as an ever-present reminder of the history and growth of Chattanooga from a once rail-driven city to the thriving and innovative metropolitan area we now know it as. 

For seating, our design team chose a chair that would conform to any body type and withstand prolonged use. With that in mind, the team chose the incredibly admired and innovative SILQ Chair by Steelcase. While most office chairs are loaded with over-complicated adjustments the SILQ features a single height-adjustment lever as the chair was designed to intuitively calibrate to the sitter’s posture and weight. In addition to the ergonomics and overall beauty of the SILQ, it features endless customization and personalization to fit any and all office branding or style. 

While the overall design of the space is minimal an area for storage was necessary. Our design team ultimately chose the perfect solution and one that we use in our own office space, the Turnstone Bivi Trunk with Freestanding Legs by Steelcase. The Bivi Trunk is truly a spectacular storage unit due to the overall versatility it provides. In this case, it mirrors your common media console underneath the TV but yields more usable space for storage and display. As you can see, two open shelves are conveniently placed at the front of the trunk while the sides offer deep cubbies for extra usable storage space. The Bivi Trunk is truly the ideal storage solution for any environment at work or in the home.

A secondary seating area located in the conference room features the Visalia Lounge Chair and Personal Tables by Steelcase. The Visalia Lounge Chair takes a forward approach to traditional lounge seating. The clean lines and sculpted facade of the chair paired nicely with the other furniture and reflected the overall beauty of the room. 
The Personal Table is truly a special piece. It’s simple, convenient and an inherently exceptional solution for providing a small-scale workspace in a lounge or sitting area. Furthermore, this sturdy table can hold up to 30lbs and can easily be set aside when not in use.

At Smart Furniture, we love to collaborate on meaningful projects. We want to thank the Erlanger community for allowing us to be part of the Kennedy Outpatient Center, a truly spectacular new medical facility for the Children’s Hospital. We hope this space will continue to inspire and facilitate the continuing growth of Erlanger for years to come.

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