Doule wire fence

15 Dec.,2022


installing welded wire fence

Double wire fence is also called double knot wire fence netting, made of high quality low carbon steel wire as raw materials. Consists of a vertical wire and two horizontal wire welding and become, which makes the double wire fence than a single piece of wire fence more sturdy.

connection mode: mesh and post together with bolts or rivets, also can use flat or special steel card, all of the nut are self-locking, these can be designed according to the special requirements of customers. Can provide all kinds of standard according to the requirement. With corrosion resistant, anti-ultraviolet radiation characteristics, not easy fade, use time for a long time.

The steel fence installation
1, expansion screws installation type: bilateral cars before installation, civil engineering is usually has formed the bottom of the concrete, bilateral cars stud welding chassis, directly fixed on the base of the lower center department as a straight line uniform., to dig a hole 
2, direct cement embedded installation type: such as the scene without walls, both mud, the need to dig a pit embedded, pit for 40 l * w * h, 50 with concrete casting, the pipe into the vertical fixed, can be installed after cement bilateral cars, the characteristics of this way is a bolt connection is more strong, but must pay attention to when the preset straight line and horizontal line.
3, opening embedded type: wall building reserved pillar installation hole, hole depth about 30 cm, diameter of about twice as much as the pillar, the pipe when installation into vertical fixed, can install this bilateral cars after cement solidification.