Decorative Brass Wire Mesh for a New Look in your Home

05 Jan.,2023


Brass Wire Mesh

Brass is a beautiful metal and it can enhance the look and feel of your home.   Think about the possibilities for decorating windows, cabinets and railings.   A nice new look for your home and added security.

Enhance your window projects with decorative wire mesh that suit any project and any décor!

If you are unsure of which of our fine grilles to choose, order our sampler and get your hands on all your possible choices! Our brass wire mesh will last for as long as you own your home. Whether you choose a copper sheet, wire grille, or decorative panel, these fine metal mesh are sure to make a beautiful feature on your restoration!

There are many uses for wire mesh including decorative applications:

  • Brass decorative mesh is used almost exclusively indoors.
  • Will compliment other brass decorative accents in home decor.
  • It will tarnish over time.

Other uses for decorative brass wire cloth:  

Lightness – Brass metal cloth can also be extremely light and airy. This metal fabric consists of round weaves of brass wire.  Varying the gauge and weave size of the brass wire mesh makes the fabric more or less transparent. These fabrics can make for monumental room dividers, sun shades or even shower curtains.

A Decorative Wet Bar:

Make a wet bar stand out. Storing glassware behind a wider-gauge brass wire mesh is a great idea — it looks pretty and can reflect the light. In these cabinets, glass shelves continue the transparency. The brass wire mesh can be a beautiful accent to the open windows in the cabinets for your wet bar and the finish can match elements like cabinet hardware, faucets and appliances.