06 Mar.,2023


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Steel, a variant of iron with carbon added, often has other elements added to it in order to prepare it for processing and industrial use. While you may have heard of tempering, not all steelmaking processes involve heating the steel to its recrystallization temperature. Cold rolling, for example, is a popular treatment process that strengthens steel into a product called Cold Rolled Steel.

Unique Properties of Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel, often abbreviated as CR or CRS, is known for being extremely ductile. Additionally, it is formable for moderate draw applications, as well as being non-shrinking and non-creeping at ambient temperatures. 

Most often, you'll find details about Cold Rolled Steel as it compares to Hot Rolled Steel. Here are a few of the key differences between the two products: 

  • Strength — Cold Rolled Steel can exhibit up to 20% greater strength than Hot Rolled Steel, making it more suitable for high-stress applications. 
  • Precision — Cold Rolled Steel does not shrink after the forming process, allowing for the creation of precise components that require little to no secondary processing.
  • Surface

    — Cold Rolled Steel generally has a smoother and shinier surface, free of rust and scale. 


With better surface characteristics and fewer imperfections, Cold Rolled Steel is most commonly used for precise applications where appearances are important. In addition, because of its tight size tolerance and excellent machinability, CRS is used across a wide variety of industries. Let’s discuss a few.


In the construction world, Cold Rolled Steel is commonly used to produce structures like beams, structures, columns, and sections. It also is frequently used in the construction of steel sheds, industrial buildings, and garages.


Cold Rolled Steel can be cut, bent, punched, drilled, and formed a lot easier than other metals, while also providing workable mechanical properties and low yield strength. On top of it all, the glossy and clean finish makes it the preferred choice for most mechanical production companies. This is why you can find Cold Rolled Steel in most household appliances, including washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, electric fans, and microwave ovens.  


As you can see, Cold Rolled Steel is everywhere you look! Because of its shock-proof and wear-resistant qualities, it’s also frequently used in the automotive industry. Electric motors, seat parts, and fuel tanks are all fabricated with CRS. 

Cold Rolled Steel Carried by Mead Metals

When customers need high-quality Cold Rolled Steel, they come to Mead Metals. We have the processes, people, and vendor relationships to provide you with a quality product and excellent lead times. 

We carry Cold Rolled Steel in ASTM A1008, A109 and AISI 1008/1010 grades. We offer a range of sizes and quantities to fit your project's needs, accommodating high and low-volume orders. It is available in thicknesses from 0.005” to 0.134”, in drawing quality up through full hard tempers. Upon customer request, we offer tighter thickness tolerances and non-standard thicknesses. 

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