Brass Wire Mesh Chandeliers

05 Jan.,2023


Brass Filter Screen Mesh

Steel wool Brillo pads or brass wire mesh chandeliers. They both require use of your hands. One to scrub pots and pans and the other to weave brass wire mesh. They might resemble each other a bit but they couldn’t be more different. This chandelier is painstakingly made by hand using fine brass wire pieces to create one large domed brass basket. The resulting effect is glimmering light reflecting off a multitude of gold tone brass filaments. You might want to hang one of these chandeliers over your dining room table. But once you see it in person you will want to hang two. They sure beat scrubbing dirty dishes with steel wool.

Brass Wire Mesh Chandeliers

I knew Brillo pads were made way back when but I didn’t realize they had so much history. In the early 1900’s, a New York cookware salesman and his jeweler brother in law invented a product to scour the back of cooking utensils when they started to blacken. The product used jeweler’s polish as the soap with fine steel wool and the salesman added the two for sale with his products. The demand for his soap and steel wool grew quickly and the two men decided to patent their new invention. Unfortunately, they lacked the funds for legal services so they sold an interest in the product to attorney Milton Loeb. That was the beginning of the Brillo Manufacturing Company with headquarters and operations located in New York City. By 1917, they were selling packaged boxes of six pads with a separate bar of soap included. It was not until 1930 that the soap was actually contained within the steel wool pads. The Brillo Company subsequently survived several buy outs and mergers until finally being purchased by Armaly Brands in 2010, located in Walled Lake, Michigan. Interesting story behind the making of Brillo pads but I would rather be sitting under these brass wire mesh chandeliers that cleaning dishes at the kitchen sink.

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Brass wire mesh chandeliers No scrubbing required!