Bead Making Business: How to Start a Bead Making Business in Nigeria

01 Nov.,2022


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At the end of this article, you will obtain some valuable insights on how to start a bead making business in Nigeria. You will also learn about the factors you must consider if you want to start a bead making business including how and where to sell your beads.


Bead making is simply that act of making beads for different purposes. For example, making necklace and earring beads etc.

Bead making business has offered a lot of opportunity for women in Nigeria today. It has dominated various aspect and categories of the fashion world by replacing the gold, silver, leather, fabric and other fashion making materials. And most importantly, most women or those who venture into bead making business make a lot of money.

The most interesting part is that you don’t have to be a graduate before you start a bead making business. Nevertheless, it has also increased the intellect of the educated one’s toward bringing in new styles and methods as well as possible ways to see how to bring beads making business to the climax.

In bead making business you need to have an artistic sense, you must imagine and try to put it into reality. Many products of beads today came from imagination.

Earlier, beads were mostly used for making necklace, bangles, and waist chain but as a result of imagination it has expanded to being used for decorations in the case of door blinds. It is also used for making traditional attire, bags that match ones dressing, hat and many other things you can ever imagine.

The rate at which beads making business is growing in Nigeria is faster than before. This is as a result of the high demand of beaded materials and this high demand is as a result of the good properties which beads possess.

Properties of Beads


Beads are very durable materials, they last longer than leather and fabric materials which makes people to prefer it.

Water Resistance

Beads is a very good resistance to water such that no matter the amount of rain that falls on it, it doesn’t get spoilt or worn out like in the case of leather. It can also be washed and get dried within couple of minutes.

Good Appearance

The beauty of beads is as a result of the different colour combination which it possesses and lots of people get attracted to them easily, this have made way for women who love their outfit to match with every other items on their body to choose beads woven materials.


Beads are in various shapes depending on what they are to be used for, its shape ranges from oval to fish, circular shape, square, triangle, polygons and so on. All these shapes have a design that suits.

Glittering surface

Beads have a shiny appearance especially when it is exposed to light it looks glittering like gold. Have you ever been to a jewellery store and see how they sample their beads made products in their showcase and how enticing and beautifying they look.



Those attractive craft you are seeing there were made by same people like you who made good use of the opportunity to learn this aspect of craft and with time they got perfected and start producing imaginative things.

Who should start Bead Making Business?

You might ask, you should start bead making business or is it a business for women alone?

Actually, beads making business is not limited to women or any class of lady. In most cases, men that are good in this field make good use of this opportunity in earning good money. So men too can get involved as far as the have passion for it

The ability for you to mix different colours of beads of different sizes and shapes to give an attractive and beautifying outlook is all you need to be a beads maker.

Before thinking of why you should go into beads making as a business you have to know that whenever it comes to anything beauty, women don’t take a second thought about it as far as it will make them look presentable and noticed. This is when you start thinking of producing most attractive and good looking beaded materials.


Why Bead making Business?

Just like in any other business, you will want to ask yourself why do I want to venture into bead making business. In any type of business, the ultimate goal is to make money right? So you might as well say that this is your major reason.

Yes, of course this is one of the reasons and I will tell you why. However, there are lots of other reasons you should get involved in bead making. Let me begin with the money aspect.

  1. Bead making business is lucrative that is if you know how to make wonderful and lovely beads. People must love the kind of beads that you do before you can make huge profits.  A lot of ladies are earning much from beads making business in Nigeria today, this is because of the beauty that beads have added to the fashion world. Also, looking into the business you will see that there is some level of fun and most people make it a hobby.


  1. There is also high demand for beads accessories in Nigeria especially for ladies (during traditional marriages, child dedication and even traditional outings and church functions). Also traditional rulers and Queens use beads. You even see the use of beads in Nigerian movies a lot these days.

3. Bead is becoming more expensive every day. So having beads can just be very close to having gold. It’s even now becoming a valuable                 asset.


Factors to consider before you Start a Bead Making Business


Capital is one of the prime factor for one to consider in any form of business because you use something to get something.

This is also true for bead making business. Don’t start thinking that you don’t have money to rent a shop, buy tables and the rest of all those things. Don’t also think that beads making involves a high cost, no it doesn’t.

In bead making business, you can start it at the comfort of your home with as little as N20,000. It may also interest you to know that government agencies do give out loans to qualified persons.


 Your location in beads making has to do with your ability to capture the environment that you want to start the business with and using enticing beads product to capture those that lives around there.


In order to be successful in beads making you need to have good imaginative skills and sense of creativity. With this, you will take your business to stand the taste of time.

Be aware of what people want

In any business you do, you have to take note of what people really want and what you will be able to offer them to avoid keeping your business stagnant. With all of the above, you will be able to start a successful beads making business.


What do you need to Start Bead Making Business?

  1. You have to go on a training program either by direct contacts with various experts or skills acquisition. It can be a part time training. Avail yourself on seminars, workshops, skill acquisition program and so on.


  1. After a successful training get the materials that you need to begin. Below are the materials needed for bead making
  •  Beads
  • Beading wire or fishing line
  • Eye pin
  • Head pins
  • Bead stops
  • Crimp covers
  • Crimps
  • Crimping cutters/wire cutters
  • Crimping pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Clasp
  • Ruler
  1. Take note of the various colour combination that you buy and how you will combine them to avoid colour rioting.


  1. Always make your work outstanding, don’t put a photocopy of what you learn. Do your work in your own way but let it not be out of point. Just make your work unique.


How to get customers to sell your beads

Another thing you must consider before you start a bead making business in Nigeria is how you can get customers to sell your beads. Here are the things you should consider;

  1. Start with a particular niche so that people will  know you for that particular aspect of beading. You can start with necklace and make good and enticing samples of necklace. After you might have gotten the attention of the people in this area you can then move into the next one until you capture the minds of everyone.


  1. Create a network of customers that will enable your incumbent customers to refer your business to others.


  1. Make use of incentives like giving a free product when you make 2 to 3 purchases or giving out free beads.


  1. Take your attractive products to schools, supermarkets, offices and tell them about your products. Always leave prospective customers with your complementary card.


  1. Open a free skill acquisition training program.


  1. Be a model of your business, make sure that your dressing and your outfit looks like what you do. This means your dressing to various occasions and events should be a picture of your business. This is where people will get to ask questions about you and also want you to make the same product for them.


  1. You can also partner as an affiliate with any of the online stores and display your products. Goto or register with them. You will have your own control panel to advertise your products and try to make sure that when order is made you will be able to deliver on time. Note the registration is free.

You can even sell on our online shop at My advice is that you advertise on different platform.

  1. Make your business international, you can open a Facebook page, Instagram business page and other social networks to advertise your business. Partner with various online marketing abroad like Amazon, Ebay, Ali express. When your work is good whatever amount you place on a particular product on this sites, people will be ready to buy it.


  1. Partner with people who are into fashion related business such as tailors, shoe sellers, make-up artists. With these people you will have a list of people that will be referred to you when need arises.


Beads Products

  • Flower vase
  • Necklace
  • Jewellery
  • Bracelet
  • Belt
  • Hand bags
  • Hat
  • Purse
  • Bangle
  • Ring
  • Native wear
  • Table cover
  • Foot wears
  • Beads embroidery
  • Door blind etc.

Objectives of a Bead Weaver

  1. Your goal must be that which will give customers satisfaction, don’t do somebody’s work in your own way.
  2. Give periodical increase and changes in design and work by that. Increase number of design offered by 8% per year
  3. To showcase periodic beads designs in at least 20 galleries in a year or less.
  4. Aim to achieve your net profit within the first one year with an increase in the second year.
  5. Aim to provide quality sales service and fair products at affordable price.

 Qualities of a Bead Maker

  • Be of integrity and give a consistent delivery
  • Offer an excellent customer care
  • Give your products fair and interesting prices unless you will end up in auction
  • Be polite to seek from advice from those that have been there before you.



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