Association of American Railroads

21 Mar.,2023


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Freight Railroads Are Taking Key Safety Actions

The industry believes that the East Palestine derailment and its aftermath require railroads and freight shippers alike to lead with actions that restore trust and that will further improve freight rail safety. Explore the voluntary actions Class I railroads are taking today.

Protecting the Network from Extreme Heat

As climate change raises temperatures in areas of the country that are generally not extremely hot, railroads are applying the same infrastructure development strategies they've used for years to safeguard the tracks that are critical to America's rail network.

SERTC Welcomes New & Veteran Trainees

Team SERTC is ready to welcome students in 2023 with new facilities and an enhanced curriculum. Since 1985, SERTC has been the preferred destination for hands-on, realistic training in surface transportation hazardous materials response.

Communities Build Resilience with SERTC

Since 1985, SERTC has provided hands-on, realistic training in surface transportation hazmat response. With new facilities and expanding curriculum, the SERTC trainee community is growing to keep local, state, tribal and territorial communities even safer.

University Days Are Back at MxV Rail!

Graduate and undergraduate students, along with university researchers, will explore the latest research and developments in railroad technology, meet mentors and friends, and network within the industry.

Modernized Conductor Role Improves Quality of Life

The shift to a ground-based conductor role would enable a more predictable, consistent and higher quality-of-life role, like many other railroad employees.

4 Advancements in Rail Technology

MxV Rail President & CEO Kari Gonzales has been on the road speaking with industry leaders about advances in North American railway technology, including game-changing research the team will lead at its new campus.

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