Antique Brass Plated Wire Mesh

05 Jan.,2023


Brass Filter Screen Mesh

Antique brass plated mesh brings unforgettable beauty and a touch of class to a myriad projects. Glossy cabinet screens make a big impression, while entertainment centers get a chic upgrade with brass accents. Beautiful brass indoor vents fit in any room, no matter the color scheme.

TWP Inc. counts antique brass plated mesh among the many standout products we sell. It's more economical next to pure brass wire mesh, featuring antique-style brass plating over steel. With an old-fashioned eye for detail, we ensure that the process is done right by completing a 14-step process of finishing the wire mesh by hand. We complete each batch with a double-lacquer clear coat.

Go All In With Antique Brass Plated Mesh

Brass wire mesh is a knockout. Its lustrous brown patina features magnificent brass highlights, which make the metal mesh perfect for a range of decorative uses, which include:

  • - Brass decorative lamps

  • - Fireplace screens

  • - Room dividers

  • - Sculptures, ornaments, and other art

  • - Brass screen mesh ceiling panels

Light filters through and reflects off wire mesh lamp shades like nothing else. Metal mesh room dividers satisfy the need for privacy, without completely overwhelming the space. Wire mesh's durability is the cherry on top. Brass, in particular, is fairly abrasion resistant. The material's strong, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain.

Whether it's indoors or outdoors, brass' look and feel means it’s adaptable for a range of styles. The metal can be incorporated into contemporary, traditional, and rustic decor. Antique brass plated mesh, in particular, makes any space come alive!

A wide selection of opening sizes, designs, and weave types means there's no limit to the creative possibilities. Try our flat-wire Fandango, Miami, Tango, or Chicago antique brass plated meshes.

Let Brass Wire Mesh Shine

Once the mesh has arrived, the proper tools can cut through the material simply and effectively. You can generally cut meshes made with steel with wire diameters from .001 inch to .010 with scissors. You'll need tin snips for heavier wire diameters from .011 up to about .047. Wire diameters over .047 inches are difficult to cut with hand tools, but a compound aircraft-style hand shear is usually a sound bet.

TWP Inc. offers an assortment of wire mesh by material, size, and weave. We are the industry leader in providing wire mesh and laser cutting services. Our experts are here to assist you before you dive into your next project. Contact us for a quote.