Alkaline Resistant Fiberglass Mesh, Used to Reinforce Cement, Pitch, Stone

23 May.,2023


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Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh is made of AR type glass fiber, woven in leno structure then coated with acrylic or SBR latex. It's resistant to alkaline, and can remain strong tensile strength even after long-time soaking into the cement mortar, therefore it's very popular as a reinforcing material for masonry works, especially for the drywall and wet wall joints. By using alkali resistant fiberglass mesh, the buildings will be crack-free even after 20 years. Small money but huge benefit!

Technical Data Sheet



Cell Size(mm)


Glue Content


Roll Width(cm)


Roll Length(m)


Tensile Strength(N/50mm)





Alkali-resistance Retention Rate


Features of alkali resistant fiberglass mesh

● Excellent alkaline and corrosion resistance

● High tensile strength and impact resistance

● Good stability and deformation resistance

● Good adhesion with cement mortar

● Easy to apply

Application of fiberglass mesh

Production Procedures

Packing Options

Cartons Packing:

Palletized packing:

Loose packing:

Woven bags packing:

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