358 Mesh Fence has High-Security and Anti-Corrosion Features

23 Nov.,2022


358 welded wire mesh fence

Determine how tall your fence is. If the fence is 4 feet, the steel posts will need to be 6 feet. The posts will need to be at least 2 feet taller than your fence. When you install your fence, using the metal tails to pin up the wire to the post at the top, the middle and the bottom. Once the mesh panel is pinned up, pin up the next mesh panel. You should splice two mesh panels together.And then cover a plastic caps for posts to improve their anti-corrosion property. Especially, you should notice that when installing the 358 mesh fence, you should overlap 75 mm of two panels or overlap one opening distance to maintain integrity of protection.

As an anti-climbing and anti-cutting barrier, 358 mesh fence is designed with good welded character. Therefore, it has the characteristics of security and durability.

The main market of 358 mesh fence is in South Africa, United States and Nigeria. Most of the clients prefer hot dipped galvanized surface treatment.

It is ideally suitable for electronic alarm and detection systems, fencing in prisons, military sites, and airports, industrial and commercial properties, warehouses, power plants, offshore petrochemical facilities, seaport perimeter, laboratories, secure hospitals, schools, parks, leisure and recreational areas.

358 mesh fence will give them a long lasting and secure perimeter protection with attractive appearance.

Generally, 3.60 m height fence is used in schools, parks, leisure and recreational areas.

5.20 m height fence is widely used in prison and military establishments.

In addition, if 358 mesh fence were added to razor wires, barbed wires and rota spikes, it would have higher security character.

358 mesh fence is used to protect private property from being stolen to a great degree.

358 mesh fence is used in the parking lot to separate garden from parking lot.